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About Us

Embracing Our Diversity & Weaving Our Stories Together

As the fastest-growing minority group and despite the rich and valuable contributions Latinos have made throughout history, many communities still have limited venues or cultural institutions that celebrate, honor, and display much of our rich heritage and culture.


Second and third-generation Latino/Latinx children are well integrated into the American culture and represent a more bi-cultural generation, sharing the richness and beauty of typical American traditions.  Some second and third-generation Latino/Latinx are not as connected and suburban families are not exposed to the many valuable cultural institutions available within metropolitan areas and must be more intentional in sharing Latino/Latinx traditions, heritage, and values.​

Latina Moms Connect is a bridge between culture & and Latino/Latinx families and communities.  Through our intentional and purposeful activities; families build authentic connections that support cultural preservation, enrich cultural identity, and lasting friendships.


Our Story

Latina Moms of Long Island was created in February 2014, after several conversations with moms at local schools, the bus stop, and at local play dates. The need to connect mothers, families, and children to culture was evident and inspired through these conversations. To expand its reach, Latina Moms of L.I. became Latina Moms Connect, Inc. 2020

After years of successfully working to fulfill its purpose, Latina Moms Connect, Inc. was recognized as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization in December 2021

Our Purposeful Impact:

To ensure that we are providing our children with exposure to the richness of the Latino/x culture and to nurture a Latino/x identity in them to allow for the following:

  • Preservation and promotion of the culture.

  • Support the development of our children's cultural identity

  • Equip children with a sense of pride in their identity

  • Increasing individuals' self-esteem and self-worth

  • Increase sense of the value of cultural heritage

  • Ultimately passing it on to their own children, and continuing to preserve the richness of the Latino/x culture.

Board of Directors

Our distinguished Board of Directors with a long history of serving, representing, and building up the Latino Community are working to grow Latina Moms Connect Inc. and advance its mission.

Dorothy Santana, MSW

Founder & President

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Kelly Ureña, LMSW

Vice President

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Liliana Polo-McKenna, Ed.L.D.


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Hon. Linda Kelly-Mejias Glover


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Priscilla Zarate, MS Ed

Inaugural Director

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Pamela Carvajal


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Miroslava Gonzalez


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Glorisbel Roman, Esq.


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Andrea Tarazi Rodriguez, Esq.


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Adriana Valencia, LMSW


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Comadres are key women who believe in our mission of cultural preservation and enrichment of cultural identity and whose role is to support and grow our vision.

What do Comadres do?

  • Organize small events in their communities using Latina Moms Connect guided format and structure.

  • Facilitate small group dialogues among event attendees that help build connections and community around our shared experiences as parents raising bi-cultural children.

  • Represent Latina Moms Connect at events and other networking activities.

  • Represents Latina Moms Connect on committees that support our mission of cultural preservation and building community


Daisy Galan

Daisy Galan proud Puerto Rican mother of one son and one daughter. Residing in Merrick since 2011. Focusing on raising her children to proudly embrace their Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage. Once worked in health administration is now a homemaker. Enjoys introducing traditional music, food and culture to her children, especially by dancing salsa around the house. A sense of Latin identity is a goal she intends to pass on to her children. Even when faced with challenges she believes in a supportive Latin community of like objectives to achieve strong heritage identity among our young.


Shirley Vargas

Shirley is an Educator  and an active supporter of cultural awareness efforts and family oriented initiatives.  Born in New York and raised by Ecuadorian parents, Her goal driven upbringing and love for languages, have enabled her to expose her children and students to the beauty of diversity.  Their family life is rich with music and cultural pride of various forms which they share with extended family and friends. Along with her husband, she is raising four children of Dominican and Ecuadorian heritage in Melville, NY.

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Zoraida S.

In addition to being the Graphic Artist for Latina Moms Connect, Zoraida is of Puerto Rican descent. She is a busy mom and an active member of her community. Born in Brooklyn, NY, Zoraida has been a Long Island resident for 10 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and has worked in Tax Compliance and the Real Estate fields.  Zoraida shares, that by exposing her children to their Latin heritage, they are being enriched of their culture, food and music.  Latina Moms Connect is bridging that gap where our children are able to embrace their heritage and one day they are able to continue to share their pride with their children. 

Community Partner, Web Contributor

filiberto perez

the art connection

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Filiberto Perez has partnered with Latina Moms Connect throughout the years and has brought his art to exhibit at functions and program that have engaged schools, communities and families throughout Long Island. Latina Moms Connect is proud to showcase his work on our site. Displayed items are available for purchase. More about Fili....

Filiberto Perez-Mendoza, was born in Mixquiahuala, Hidalgo, Mexico. Filiberto discovered his love of art at a very young age and began to use drawings to illustrate some of his homework assignments in elementary school. Using pencil and pen during his early years due to lack of financial resources, was later introduced to the use of paints, brushes, crayola, etc. while in high school.


Filiberto’s artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. In his work he deconstructs long held beliefs of our culture. Having engaged subjects as diverse as Statute of Liberty, Aztec figures, and religious figures, Filiberto’s work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. 


Being able to draw and paint after a long day of work has served as a form of meditation and allows him to express all of the contradictions inherent in all of the injustices suffered by those who are marginalized for one reason or another.


Filiberto’s works have been shown at St. Joseph’s College, Hofstra University, Stony Brook University, Suffolk County Community College Selden and Brentwood Campus, Suffolk County’s Hispanic Heritage Day Celebration, Salvadoran Consulate Art Gallery, May 5th Festival in Farmingville, Central Islip Spring Festival, National Day Laborer Conference, Traveling Immigrant Art Exhibit, Brentwood Latino Arts Festival and published in Hybrido Magazine, Congregational church of Patchogue Suffolk, Consulado Salvadoreño, Artspace Patchogue NY, Briarcliffe College, Patchogue Medford Library, and more. 




For more information to purchase or appreciate his work, please visit:

Instagram: @filibertoperez42


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