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Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th in many Latin American countries and celebrations vary. A common tradition is where children place a box under their bed filled with hay/grass and water as a "snack" for "camels" that arrive with "kings" to bring gifts to the children on January 5th to surprise them the morning of January 6th. 


Latina Moms Connect's "Kings Day Kits" is full of all the necessities for you to prepare for your celebration. Your kits will include a Three Kings Day craft, items that represent the gifts the kings brought to baby Jesus, a cup and hay that is meant for the "camels", coloring pages, a Three Kings Day description, and the box itself for decorating. You just add your own gift for the morning of January 6th.

Three Kings Day KITS

  • The Kings Day Kits are not meant for children under three, as the items in the kit may be a choking hazard. Please supervise your children at all a times.

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