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Respuesta de Covid-19

 Respuesta de Covid-19 

Este esfuerzo  no sería posible sin los generosos voluntarios que se dedican

su tiempo para  haciendo este esfuerzo lo mejor posible. 

Al apoyar a las comunidades en la preservación cultural y el enriquecimiento de la identidad cultural, Latina Moms Connect (LMC) brinda oportunidades para que las familias y los niños se mantengan conectados con la cultura.  

A través de las redes sociales, los diálogos facilitados y las actividades grupales, las familias que crían niños biculturales pueden conectarse con otros en torno a sus experiencias compartidas y los valores de criar niños latinos con un sentido de "Orgullo de ser Latino".

Debido a las pautas federales, estatales y locales en respuesta a la pandemia, Latina Moms Connect pospuso reuniones y eventos en persona.  En respuesta al aumento de la demanda y la necesidad de apoyo, LMC  estableció los esfuerzos de respuesta de Covid-19.

Los miembros y voluntarios de LMC respondieron al llamado para servir en las distintas capacidades a continuación:

  • Se sirvió varias veces en el esfuerzo del condado de Nassau y Suffolk con Island Harvest durante los esfuerzos de distribución de alimentos

  • Sirvió y apoyó los esfuerzos del condado y la ciudad de Babylon para ofrecer orientación bilingüe posterior a la prueba Covid-19 a los residentes de habla hispana.

  • Se apoyó a la Oficina Ejecutiva del Condado de Suffolk con la distribución de cobertura facial en varias comunidades.

  • Participó en un panel de oradores para el Senador Brooks para discutir cómo las mujeres han sido impactadas por Covid.

  • Se apoyó a la Oficina Ejecutiva del Condado de Suffolk con información de pruebas Covid-19, protección Covid-19 y pautas de seguridad en todos los "puntos calientes" locales de Brentwood y Central Islip

  • Se ofreció información del censo y divulgación a través de medios digitales y divulgación en persona en la comunidad de Huntington.

  •   Apoyó a las familias en la transición de los refugios para víctimas de violencia doméstica a una vivienda permanente organizando una campaña de regalos de inauguración de la casa “Nuevos comienzos”. Aseguramiento de menaje y mobiliario para cuatro familias.

Este esfuerzo  no sería posible sin los generosos voluntarios que dedican su tiempo a hacer que este esfuerzo sea lo mejor posible. 

 Gracias a todos   los que sirvieron !! 

Volunteer Testimonials

Respuesta de Covid-19

Respondiendo la llamada

Volunteer Testimonials

Cynthia Serrano Graaf

I Volunteered with Latina Moms Connect to bring hope during this pandemic crisis, to provide  post testing guidance and resources to the Spanish speaking Community at the Wyandanch testing site.  Honestly at first, I hesitated when asked by LMC. Covid-19 testing really??? There are still so many unanswered questions regarding this virus. Will I be affected by so many being tested? My fear was overcome with faith in God. I answered the call. At first, putting on the PPE gear was overwhelming. The mask, gloves, and gown felt constricted. The precaution was definitely necessary and the experience was rewarding


The face of the testers; they had fear, pain, tears coming down their faces...some hesitated and some cried. Putting a thin tube up your nostril to the back of your throat doesn’t feel great at all. They were in agony. So was I, but my issue was the gear I was wearing was not comfortable at all. It gave me a deeper appreciation of the healthcare workers and first responders who have to wear this gear for 8-12 hours and 5-7 days a week. I realize this was temporary and for a good cause.


After the test, I gave them the information, encouraged them, and even prayed for some.  Many were afraid, confused, and some had lost their jobs. The worries were real; some had no income, no medical benefits and little food. The resources provided explained how to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect yourself if you were sick. We also provided information for food pantry locations, rights regarding evictions, community updates, and social services information such as food stamps and medical benefits, etc.


I volunteered for 2 straight days and would do it again.  The encouragement, information and a smile went a long way. I would encourage others to go out and help our community.  Offering help especially to those going through this. The thought of having this virus left some feeling alone and afraid due to the virus and language barrier.


I thank LMC for serving the community, bridging the gap in the Spanish speaking community, and reaching out to those in need. I am thankful and blessed to be part of an awesome organization. There is no "I" in team. It’s a team effort when bringing hope to the community in time of need.   I know there is a gap and the need for translation for  the Spanish speaking community is tremendous. As a banker at Peoples United Bank, the translation for Spanish speaking is a full-time job for me. They feel more at secure when they can speak , understand, and communicate between each other.


Again thank you Latina Moms Connect for your tremendous outpouring of love for the community.

Estoy agradecido y bendecido de ser parte de una organización increíble. No hay un "yo" en el equipo. Es un esfuerzo de equipo para llevar esperanza a la comunidad en momentos de necesidad.   Sé que hay una brecha y la necesidad de traducción para  la comunidad de habla hispana es tremenda.

Cynthia Serrano Graaf

Shirley Vargas
Shirley Vargas      
      I felt compelled to help our community during this health crisis. During these times, many of our community are afraid to seek help and clear communication is more important than ever. 

      Our Latino community coming out to test need reassurance and to hear” you did a good thing today, now continue protecting others from what you are feeling.” Hearing this in Spanish offers them comfort and that needed opportunity to express themselves in their own language about something that all of America is trying to understand.

      It is gratifying being the voice to those who often don’t have one. The nurses Marcus and Beverly Coordinators for the site shared their appreciation throughout the time because as Latina Moms Connect, we are offering a service they can’t to those who really need it.

      I would absolutely do this again. I plan to be on their regular schedule for the remainder of Spring.  I encourage all to be humble during these times and help when you can, and where you feel comfortable doing so. 
      Thank you for your generous heart and service!!

Dafny Irizzary
"Volunteering at a testing site is an opportunity to share words of comfort and information to better someone's life. Weather is advising visitors on test result dates, food pantry locations, a mental health hotline or giving them masks or hand sanitizers, they know they matter and they're loved."
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